Charter Students

We are proud to accept the use of Charter Funds for our dance classes! If you are using, or are interested in using charter funds to pay for lessons, please read carefully.

  • Please email to receive specific information regarding Charter student prices and policies

  • Parents are ultimately responsible for tuition. 

  • At the time of registration, the card that you enter on your registration form will be charged for the Registration Fee and the first month of tuition. Once we receive your first PO, we will credit the tuition amount to go toward other fees not covered by charter funds (recital fee, costume, etc.).

  • We begin our season in the month of August. Some charter schools will pay for classes in the month of August, others do not. You are responsible for August tuition if your charter does not cover that month.

  • Before you register and attend classes you must be sure your purchase order is approved by your charter school and processed on your account. Before submitting to your school, confirm tuition structure for billing with our office. 

  • If you withdraw from the charter school your credit card on file will be billed to replace charter funds 

  • Every student must be enrolled through our online registration process at, have a credit card on file, sign our studio release, policies and procedures as well as the charter school policy.

  • Charter funds may NOT be used for any class that has faith based content.

  • You are responsible to get class tuition approved by your advisor and assist in making sure paperwork is filled out correctly.  Please be sure that all PO’s are up to date throughout the year.

  • Our management system is set up for payment at the beginning of each month. Charter funds are paid out differently by each school, some are net+30 or net+45, so payments are delayed. We are willing to work in this system – please know your account will always look past due and we need you to help us make sure payments get applied to your account.