Performance Troupe

The Performance Troupe here at Performing Arts Empire is the perfect place for the dancer who wants more performance opportunities than just our Year-End Recital. We recommend this for any dancer who is interested in competing in our Performing Company in the future. The Performance Troupe does have additional requirements, please see details below!
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Weekly Requirements
All Troupe dancers are required to take a minimum of 3-hours of class per week***. They must include the following:
***Mini Troupe: Ages 5-8
  • Mini Technique Class (Ballet/Tap/Jazz)
  • Mini Troupe Choreography Class
***Petite Troupe: Ages 8-10
  • Petite Technique Class (Ballet/Tap/Jazz)
  • Petite Troupe Choreography Class
  • 1 additional class style of their choice
Junior Troupe: Ages 10-12
  • 1 Hour Ballet Class
  • Junior Troupe Choreography Class
  • 1 Technique class of your choice
  • 1 additional class style of their choice
Teen Troupe: Ages 13+
  • 1 Hour Ballet Class
  • Teen Troupe Choreography Class
  • 1 Technique class of your choice
  • 1 additional class style of their choice
Additional Requirements & Opportunities
All Troupe dancers are required to attend their Summer Intensive to prepare for the 2019-20 season. Additionally, they are expected to be at all community performances (roughly 6 throughout the year), as well as any additional rehearsals prior to performances.
There are additional costume fee's associated with the Performance Troupe, and all information can be provided upon request. 
We attend the Dance Masters of Southern California Competition & Convention every April, and we invite all Troupe dancers to join us! There are many great opportunities and experiences to be gained from attending this incredible weekend!
The opportunity to compete at dance competitions is also potentially available to Troupe dancers, with the understanding that the dance routine must be deemed as ready by instructors, and all parents must consent to additional commitment and costs.
We would love you to dance with us!