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COVID-19 Protocol

  • When you arrive at the studio, please accompany your dancer to the entrance of the lobby

  • For pick up, you will also walk to the entrance of the lobby, and wait past the entrance for your dancer to be released from class. 

  • A mask is required while waiting to enter the studio, and at all times within the studio. If you have a doctors note which allows your dancer to be exempt, please contact us directly and each situation will be handled on an individual basis. 

  • Dancers temperature will be taken at the door to the lobby. Any dancer with 100* or higher will be sent home. 

  • Dancers will sanitize their hands upon entering the studio as well as leaving the dance rooms. 

  • Only dancers taking class will be permitted into the studio and lobby. We require all parents with dancers under the age of 6 to stay in your vehicle during class. 

  • Faculty will help maintain social distancing in their specific classrooms, as well as wearing a face covering. 

  • Each dance room and lobby is equipped with touchless hand sanitizers, sanitizer wipes, and disinfectant spray. 

  • Any dancer not feeling well may not come to dance that day and is asked to stay home until feeling 100% 

  • We ask all dancers to bring minimal items to the studio, only a small bag, if needed, with the needed shoes for that day. 

  • Water fountain is off limits and each student needs their own water bottle with their name on it. 

  • Acro students must bring their own yoga mats. 

  • When using the ballet barre personal covers will be required. See YouTube tutorial for instructions for how to make one. For combo classes this is not required. 

  • During this time we ask that outfit changes not occur. Please show up in dance attire. If you have ballet for the day please stay in your ballet clothing. (you may put sweats, dance shorts, etc. on over for your additional classes.) We want to keep bathroom use to a minimum. 

  • We will not be using props until further notice. 

  • Classroom sizes will be limited to a specific number of dancers based on the dance room square footage allowed by Riverside county. 

  • The studio and bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day as well as a deep cleaned at the end of each day. 

  • Any questions or concerns you have about how PAE is handling operations during this time may be sent to (please allow 24-48 hours for response). 

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